Hi. Welcome to the new campaign, “Six PCs Walk into a Bar…”! Hopefully this campaign will grow into more campaigns with these adventurers and others. :)

As a PC, and now as a DM, I’m certainly a fan of characters starting from absolute scratch: LEVEL ONE!!! I tend to subscribe to the belief that starting from scratch allows people to consider story elements of their character right away. It also makes advancement really rewarding and cool. Players can also take the option of building up the characters in advance and feeling the satisfaction of meeting those preordained goals. So that’s what we’re doing here today.

The campaign begins in the rough-and-tumble, recently acquired Shandrian protectorate town of Caerleon. The PCs have each stumbled into The Blustering Badger, for various individual reasons. Today is the 12th of Flamerule (also called Summertide). It’s about an hour after midday (this world doesn’t have a lot of accurate timekeeping, but it’s getting better, and people are starting to use the word “hour,” and occasionally, “minute”). The people they decide to talk to and the needs they decide to meet in the town, or in other towns, will dramatically shape the scope of their campaign. They could end up in the genasi-populated archipelago of Almana L’Strom, the forested hills of Inglas, the terrifying undead nation of Petridian, the City of Splendors, milling around in Caerleon for a while, or all kinds of other interesting and wondrous places.

I’m super excited!!! :D This is going to be awesome!!!

Six PCs Walk into a Bar...

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